It’s High Time We Make Our Mental Health A Priority

Our mental health always takes a beat from physical health. We still don’t take our mental health seriously as we take care of our physical health. Despite today’s abundance of mental health information and knowledge, people still don’t seek professional help even when they know they need it. Today there are mental health and self-improvement apps with non-judgemental and experienced therapists and coaches that focus on the needs of LGBTQ health and others.

Particularly in the context of healthcare, the mental health business is intricate and multilayered. It can be challenging to navigate and determine where to go for what. With a mental health and personal growth app in circulation, people have found sources to look after their growth and mental health.

In the modern era, there are ways to maintain your mental health and well-being:

Consult a reliable source

It can be beneficial to talk to a trusted person, such as a friend, family member, or work colleague. You could feel better if you could openly share what you’re going through with somebody who cares about you. You can use a video call, phone call, or messaging app to stay in touch with your loved ones if you live where face-to-face encounters are few.

Put away your phones

Even though you always have your phones with you, try to put some distance between you at night at least. Use the time you would have spent idly scrolling or binge-watching Netflix to do things for self care like write in a notebook, read a book, sketch, call your friend, or do anything else you like. Finding alternative ways to loosen up at the end of the day can be beneficial, but losing oneself in a good series can be a therapeutic coping strategy for many people. Even one that won’t keep you up until two in the morning.

Practice gratitude

Having a thankfulness practice entails being appreciative of your blessings. Doing this each day is beneficial as it helps you reflect on your blessings or record them in a journal. These might be important things, like the affection and support of family members, or minor things, like taking pleasure in a delicious meal. This help caters to self help. Allow yourself some time to wallow in the glory of your successful venture. Practicing gratitude alters your perspective on life. You will see things in a new light and with a new perspective. You might need to be made aware, for instance, that you occasionally experience positive emotions when you are under stress. By expressing gratitude, you might catch them.

Make sleep a top priority

Sleep quality and mental health are closely related. Sleeping well might be impacted by having a mental health issue. Your mental health and psychological status are impacted by sleep deprivation. Maintain a routine and check that you are receiving adequate sleep. Reducing blue light exposure from your phone or computer before bed will help you sleep better. Blue light from devices and screens can make it difficult to fall asleep.

Consult a professional

Call your local mental health helpline, speak with your counsellor, or contact your doctor if you believe you cannot handle the stress you are experiencing. Be mindful of the fact that you aren’t alone and that you have options for enhancing your mental health.

Give yourself an abundance of self love. It’s your responsibility towards yourself.

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