A Beginners Guide for Rolling and Smoking a Joint

It looks like it’s a stoner rite of passage to roll clean and crisp joints. Sure, you can specifically buy a pack of high-quality rolls or choose to stick to smoking cannabis out of an old pipe.

Smoking a joint is among the popular ways of consuming weed. Plus, passing joints is part of a social aspect of weed consumption, and learning how to do it the old school way is an initiation to most.

Rolling joints is also an intricate and highly personal craft. Stores like From the Earth Brookside Dispensary suggests that every toker may easily roll their own with the help of these steps:

1.      Grind the Marijuana

Break down your weed into a shake. If your marijuana has adequately dried, it should easily break down. Grinders will keep your hands from getting sticky and then stick to your joint paper.

For those who don’t have a grinder, they may break down the weed using their hands, scissors, or other ways professional rollers’ advice.

2.      Put the Crutch

Crutches provide a great cylinder where you can easily integrate your rolled weed. They also establish a joint’s general size and shape, offering a stable area so as to hold it while arranging your bud.

According to many experienced budtenders, it is advisable to let part of the crutches stick out of your rolling paper.

3.      Make Filters

Although this stage is optional, filters are important as they prevent dried weed from getting into your mouth when inhaling. Plus, they can protect your fingers from getting burned.

Some rolling papers usually come with tips or filters, though you can always make yours using a small rectangle of heavy paper.

4.      Fill Your Joint with Weed

Take a paper and fill it with weed you did grind. If you are working with filters, place them at one end of your joints.

According to most dispensaries, a great amount of weed for joints is approximately a half gram. With your one hand holding a rolling paper, use the other hand to shape your joint by moving cannabis around so as to distribute it across the paper evenly.

5.      Roll the Joint

Roll your joint up and down so as to compact the cannabis into a rolled shape. You shouldn’t worry if some cannabis falls out of the joint as you roll. You can always add them back or even save the weed for a later date.

Take your time to shape your joint into a cylinder to make it simple to smoke evenly. Rolling your joints too loosely means they will burn unevenly and quickly.

6.      Inhale Correctly

This might sound like a silly and strange tip because you have been breathing in and out. However, you can be surprised how challenging it could be to inhale weed correctly.

If you are unsure how to inhale cannabis incorrectly, consider trying to breathe through a straw for one or two minutes so as to have a hang of it.

Concluding Remarks!

Stoners need to know how to roll joints. Whether you’re a veteran or virgin joint-roller looking for a way to brush up your skills, it will not hurt to work on your techniques of rolling a joint. Therefore, grab a grinder and several papers to get down to business with these steps.

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