Enjoy a Smoother Pregnancy Journey: Advantages of Wearing a Belly Bands

Waiting to receive your bundle of joy can be one of the most exciting experiences for women. However, the pregnancy journey is not for the faint-hearted. It can bring along other unpleasant side effects such as swollen feet, vomiting, swollen ankles, and nausea. As your pregnancy grows, you will likely add weight, which puts pressure on your body, especially the back and belly muscles. The good news is that a pregnancy band can come to your rescue. Belly bands help pregnant women support their belly, thus making pregnancy easier. Here are the benefits you will reap from wearing belly bands.

Improved Posture

Many pregnant women develop a swayback appearance, especially towards the end of their pregnancies. This is usually caused by the extra weight they have on their bellies. The weight stretches and weakens the abdominal muscles, causing them to arch their backs. While it is a typical case for many expectant women, this posture can be straining and quite dangerous to the spine. Utilizing belly bands during pregnancy helps support the extra weight; thus, you do not have to experience lousy posture. In addition to supporting the excess weight, belly bands also provide support to the torsc and lower back thus achieving a more upright position.

Reduced Pain

Pelvic and back pain are common among pregnant women. However, being common does not make them a healthy thing to experience. The little human being you are carrying in your belly puts pressure on your pelvic and causes strain on your lower back. Therefore, you will experience pain in both of these locations. Wearing a belly band supports the baby bump, thus reducing the strain that it causes on your lower back and pelvic muscles. As a result, you will enjoy a less painful pregnancy journey overall.

Further, belly bands help with round ligament pain, which is expected during the second trimester. The bands can also help contain sacroiliac joint pain, which occurs due to the relaxin hormone released during pregnancy.

You Can Get More Work Done

The pain experienced during pregnancy may require you to lie down or sit in order to take breaks constantly. Therefore, this means that you cannot engage in work duties like before. Wearing a pregnancy belt helps deal with various issues that result from pregnancy, including back pain and swollen feet. As a result, you can enjoy a more accessible time carrying out your day-to-day activities.

Control and Compression

If you are a gym enthusiast, you must know how running in a regular bra can be uncomfortable. You need a sports bra to hold everything in place to exercise more efficiently. Being pregnant does not mean that you should quit doing exercise. In fact, experts advise that you should constantly get into simple exercises to keep you fit while boosting your mental well-being. Wearing a belly band while exercising intensely supports your baby bump, thus creating a seamless exercise session. The band compresses the baby bump gently, thus reducing discomfort during physical activities.

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