Why You Should Be Wearing a Health Ring

Rockstars, entrepreneurs and celebrities of all kinds seem to be wearing a wearable health device of some kind. Health wearables have grown immensely popular over the years with each claiming to have benefits. Do they really work? Do you need to be a multimillionaire-rockstar-entrepreneur to gain access to their use? The answer is YES and NO!

Wearable health devices such as the OuraRing by Modo Bio are surprisingly affordable and uniquely crafted to track your body’s biometrics giving you the data to make knowledgeable decisions to improve your overall health.

Read on for four benefits offered by a health ring and why you should be wearing one!

  1. Real time data collection

Wearables can monitor a wide range of data from activity level, sleep, heart rate and oxygen levels. The OuraRing monitors your body in real time that physicians can use to assist in your healthcare.

Suffering from a lack of sleep? Adults are recommended to get seven to nine hours of sleep per 24-hour period, but many Americans are not reaching that amount.

The OuraRing can aid in a better night’s sleep by constantly monitoring and collecting data while you sleep to give you tips and advice in how to improve your sleep hygiene.

  1. Proactive Healthcare

Continuous monitoring enables you and your doctors to be proactive in your healthcare. In a survey conducted by Deloitte in 2020, 42% of patients said they use technology to monitor their health and are more willing to share that data with their physicians to prevent a crisis. During a routine doctor visit you may not be having any issues while the nurse takes your vitals. Prolonged and continuous monitoring gives doctors a larger sample size of data to analyze and recognize issues or concerning patterns before it becomes a deadly scenario.

  1. Keeps Patients Engaged

Patients and users want an active role in improving their health and wearable health devices enable them to do that. In fact, according to Statista 88% of patients in a 2016 U.K survey stated that the use of a wearable health device helped them. Having access to actual data patients can interact with their health and lifestyle choices that previously was not possible.

Users that are more aware of the repercussions of their choices are more likely to make changes to improve their health and will fully grasp long-term effects as well.

  1. Benefits Healthcare Providers

Some 20% of all healthcare costs are a result of a lack in consistence exercise, sleep deprivation, and addictions to alcohol, drugs and tobacco. By wearing a health device – making users more aware of their actions and encouraging better health choices through increased exercise and sticking to a routine sleep schedule the strain of preventable cases on the healthcare system can be reduced.

Final Thoughts

There are many benefits provided by using a health ring tracker daily, and the cost is incredibly affordable. If you want to be more aware of your current health, want to improve your well-being and want to be more engaged in your healthcare you should be using an OuraRing!

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