There is no one reason why you should undergo Rhinoplasty Toronto. The procedure reshapes the outward appearance and form of the nose and the function and structure of the inside of the nose. Rhinoplasty or a nose job is an invasive procedure with downtime. Whenever you are undergoing any such procedure, it is essential to communicate expectations and the procedure. The choice of the surgeon also has a significant impact on the results of the procedure. It is a complicated cosmetic procedure, which requires attention to the detail to get the most natural-looking results possible.

Why is there a need for precision and attention to detail?

Whenever a plastic surgeon has to plan a procedure, several attributes need to be kept in mind. The surgeon needs to formulate a plan which would pay attention to the balanced proportions, symmetry, and overall harmony of the nose and the face. This step is of utmost importance. Undeniably the face is the most visible part of the body. The nose is the center of the face makes the precision of the alternations more critical.

What happens to the bridge (Dorsum) during the procedure?

The bump or the dorsal hump is on the bridge of the nose. This is the part which most people want to get reduced. Most of the rhinoplasty procedures do involve a reduction in the nasal structures. The nose’s slope is known as the bridge, and the side of the nose, which is evident from our side profile, is known as the angle. Those who are unhappy with the size, height, or angle of the nose bridge can be helped through the nose surgery procedure, also known as rhinoplasty. During the surgery, the surgeon will remove bone and cartilage, which would remove any bumps. This removal of the bump helps create a narrow bridge by reshaping the nose’s top base.

How can the surgery impact the length and width of the nose?

With the help of the procedure, the surgeons can reshape and change the structure of the nose. This takes place by adjusting the length and width of the nose and nostrils. When the reduction of the nostrils occurs, it is referred to as alar reduction or alar base reduction. In this, small millimeters of the tissue are removed on each side of the nostril. This makes the nostrils look smaller and slimmer. In the course of the procedure, the septum is also reshaped, which helps create a more balanced and harmonious nasal tip that sits perfectly with the nose’s shape.

Can rhinoplasty alter the tip of the nose?

The rhinoplasty procedure can alter the appearance of the tip of the nose and make it more defined. The cartilage within the nose’s tip can be removed. The procedure is usually performed with a closed or an open rhinoplasty. The open method involves a small cut between the nostrils to access the nasal structures. In contrast, the closed procedure can cause scarring.

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