The Ultimate Guide to Microneedling. Side Effects and General Info

Acne scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone can make someone self-conscious. Dermatologists recommend microneedling to improve the skin’s appearance, tone, and texture. This procedure is effective, safe, and minimally invasive.

Dermatologists use microneedling techniques to rejuvenate the skin. They use a tiny needle to penetrate the skin to damage the skin by puncturing holes in it. This may sound scary but this is a painless procedure. As the skin heals, it produces more collagen and elastin resulting in healthier skin. Over the years, this procedure has gained popularity because it is a safe, painless, cheap, simple, and effective way to treat minor skin concerns.

This treatment is not recommended for people with extremely sensitive skin as it may irritate them. Make sure the dermatologist is board-certified to prevent side effects like scarring, infection, or long-lasting skin discolorations, ensure the dermatologist is board-certified. Once the procedure is done, take a break from makeup, and activities that make you sweat excessively. Apply post-treatment aftercare cream on the treated area to soothe your skin. After a series of treatments, you will notice a change in your skin.

To ensure the treatment is successful, you should do the following:

  • Visit a dermatologist. They will give you a diagnosis and help you create a treatment plan.
  • Find a reputable clinic with highly qualified dermatologists.
  • Get pre- and post-treatment advice.
  • Discuss your expectations with the dermatologist to ensure they are realistic.
  • Confirm that the needle used for the procedure is for your skin type.

Reasons to hire a board-certified dermatologist.

  • Counseling sessions before treatment.

This session will help the dermatologist to understand your medical history and expectations from the treatment. They will examine your skin to know if the procedure is safe.

  • Expert care.

An experienced and skilled board-certified dermatologist will care for you throughout the treatment journey and ensure you achieve the best results.

  • Skincare routine.

To help you respond well to the treatment, the dermatologist will give you a skincare routine to follow. They will ensure you get the best results and avoid infections by advising you on an aftercare plan.

Side effects of microneedling.

  • If your skin is inflamed, it will be red and painful.
  • Although rare, scars or lines formed due to the procedure may fail to disappear.
  • Skin trauma. The treated area becomes extremely delicate hence prone to bleeding and bruises.
  • After the procedure, some people have reported that their skin became extremely sensitive. Use a gentle and soothing moisturizer on your skin to keep it hydrated.
  • You will get an infection if the microneedling equipment used for the treatment is not properly sterilized before it breaches the skin.

Microneedling is a minimally invasive, safe, painless, and effective skincare procedure. It is used to treat various skin concerns like acne scars and stretch marks. To reduce the chances of side effects, it is vital to work with a board-certified dermatologist. They will provide expert care, pre-treatment counseling sessions, and a skincare routine.

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