Incredible Benefits of Donating Plasma

Scientifically, plasma is the liquid element in the blood. Plasma aids in the transportation of hormones, proteins, cells, and vitamins within the body and removes toxic waste products from the body. It is essential in the formation of blood clots that help stop excessive bleeding. These clotting factors prevent excessive loss of blood whenever an individual has a cut or an injury. Most individuals are familiar with the blood donation process as compared to plasma donation. During the plasma donation process, a sample of blood is taken and then the plasma is separated from the other components of the blood cell. After the separation, the remaining blood cells are returned to the body. The donated plasma is pooled and frozen for a period not exceeding a year.

During the screening process, some aspects of one’s health are revealed. These aspects include Blood pressure, pulse, and even blood tests. Here are the benefits of donating plasma.

Aids one maintain a healthy diet

Regular plasma donations can help one adopt healthier eating habits. Donors are encouraged to take nutritious foods which are rich in iron, protein, and vitamin C. They are also advised to take enough water to make the donation process easier. This is because once the body is hydrated; veins will become more dilated hence allowing better flow of blood during the donation. Taking enough water also helps the body replace lost fluids at a faster rate. The donation center guidelines also limit one’s alcohol and caffeine consumption. This helps in preventing excessive consumption of drugs.

Helps patients with medical needs

Donated plasma is commonly used in treating life-threatening diseases like leukemia, and hemophilia. It is also used to treat bleeding disorders, respiratory disorders, and some immune deficiency diseases. It is vital in fighting diseases. Since plasma cannot be generated synthetically or created in the laboratory, patients who undergo plasma protein therapies depend on generous donors to save their lives. This is why plasma donors are considered the only people who can provide this essential, material. Plasma donors help save millions of people across the globe to live a happier and healthier life once again.

Aids in reducing cholesterol levels

Plasma donation helps in reducing cholesterol levels, especially in women. High cholesterol levels can increase the risk of heart attacks. Regular donations can help regulate the cholesterol levels in the body. This is because as the plasma is removed from the body, the body creates new plasma hence preventing the health risks associated with high cholesterol levels.

Compensation for donors

Donating plasma will benefit you financially as there is compensation after the process. Donors receive compensation for every donation they make. The compensation will vary depending on the plasma program in which you have participated, the time factor, and even the special promotions during that period. The amount of plasma donation per individual depends on the body weight of that person. Compensation is considered a sign of appreciation to the donors for their commitment to saving other people’s lives. The donors can use the payment to pay for their food, rent, and other basic needs. If the donor wants to be compensated, then he should make an appointment with the plasma donation center instead of a blood drive or a blood bank.

It is a safe process

Plasma donation is a safe process as screening is done to ensure the donor is in the right condition to donate. The donor should be physically fit. The donor should not live a harmful lifestyle such as taking alcohol or even having body tattoos. The laboratory equipment used is properly sanitized to ensure safety. Competed laboratory specialists handle the screening and extraction process to ensure the safety of donors and the recipients are guaranteed.

Regular plasma donations help one be aware of his or her health status. The screenings also help one be aware of the early signs of disease. Through donation, the blood circulatory system is renewed enabling the body generates a new supply of blood. The donation also aids in lowering blood pressure. Research has illustrated that plasma donation can lower blood pressure. It plays a vital role in maintaining healthy blood pressure.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, there are innumerable benefits of plasma donation. The above article illustrates some of the significant benefits of donation. Regular donations benefit the donor with lasting health benefits as illustrated above.

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