Guide to CBD oil for dogs Canada

CBD oil has become increasingly popular in the last few years. Prized for its therapeutic abilities CBD il is safe for humans and it is even safe for your pets. CBD oil is considered safe for your furry bundles of joy since it can reduce pain, discomfort, and persistent aches.

How Does CBD Oil Help Canines?

Before delivering a dose of CBD oil Canada consult with a licensed veterinarian to make sure your pet is receiving the best course of treatment. CBD oil can help treat medical conditions such as autoimmune disease, chronic inflammation, cancer, and regular pain.

Autoimmune Diseases

Several types of autoimmune diseases plague humans and pets. Diabetes, lupus, and arthritis are just a few illnesses that pets can experience. Symptoms of these diseases include fevers, weight loss, muscle tenderness, abdominal pain, and kidney failure. CBD oil will decrease the frequency and intensity of animals with these diseases.

Chronic Inflammation

Dogs who suffer from chronic inflammation may experience stiff joints, swelling, discolored skin, and constant pain. CBD oil binds with receptors that control inflammation to decrease the inflamed tissue and it relieves pain.


CBD has been proven to stop new tumors from forming in the body and it helps to decrease the rate at which the cancerous cells are dispersed throughout the body. It can also be administered alongside traditional treatment for cancer patients to decrease pain and nausea.

Regular Pain

Pain can be attributed to several factors. This can drastically affect your dog’s ability to perform basic functions such as running up and down the stairs or playing. Scientific and veterinary research has found CBD to boost receptors responsible for releasing anandamide which minimizes pain in humans and dogs.

What Types of CBD Products are Available for Dogs?

CBD oil can be fabricated into several types of products. If your pet does not like a certain form of CBD such as pills there are several other options available on the market to choose from.

Dog Treats

Dog treats are the easiest way to administer CBD oil since they are conditioned to correlate treats with rewards. There are several varieties of dog treats to chooses from. They come in different shapes, sizes, tastes, and dosage levels. Another benefit of dog treats is the dosage is labeled on the package. This eliminates trying to figure out the right dosage of CBD oil to give your pet.

Topical Creams

Topical creams are perfect for animals that experience skin conditions, rashes, arthritis, allergies, or an unsettled tummy. Topical creams can be placed onto the skin to unleash its healing properties.


CBD oil can be injected into edible capsules and concealed in the dog’s food.


Tinctures are CBD oil in its truest liquid form. The oil should be placed under the animal’s tongue so it can assimilate into the bloodstream. The biggest advantage of tinctures is that it can be administered in an exact dose and it is the fastest method to provide relief to your animal.

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