Are you applying skincare products correctly?

Have you been going through the ingredient lists of your favourite skincare products? Well, how you apply them to your face is just as important as what they’re made of. Are you still rubbing your eye cream into your skin or dabbing moisturiser all-over? It could be doing more harm than good. Keep reading to know more.

How to use a cleanser?

While using a cleanser seems like a simple matter of soap and water, there’s a proper method to wash your face depending on your skin type. Applying the product on damp skin is best for the product to fully blend. Apply your cleanser to damp skin, then massage it in a circular motion for one-two minutes on the skin. Leave it on to soak up dirt for a few minutes and then wash it off. The method helps remove dirt, while also gently stimulating the skin without scraping it. Use semi-circles on the sides of your nose and circles up and out across your forehead.

How to apply toner to your skin?

You should ensure you are checking the instructions at the back of the product for this skincare step. Some can be sprayed on, applied with cotton or just massaged onto the skin. Toner must always be applied after cleansing. It preps your skin for serums and moisturisers. It helps get rid of excess oil and dirt that might have remained on your skin despite cleansing. For best use, take a cotton pad and dampen it with the toner. Sweep the cotton pad across the face and neck, go in an upward direction. You can take a few drops of an alcohol-free toner into your palm and then press it on your face.

How to massage moisturizer onto your face and neck?

Applying moisturiser by massaging is the best thing you could do. Always be super gentle when applying your moisturiser. Take a pea sized amount of the product. Rub it between your fingers and warm it up. You might also directly apply a few dots all over your face and neck. Apply it gently in an upward and outward direction on your face and neck. It is best to use your fingers instead of palms while doing so as it is a milder method.

How to use serums?

Are you adding serums to your skincare routine? Take a few drops into your palm and press the product onto the skin. Do not do it in sweeping motions. Tapping is a gentler way of applying it. Is it an oil serum? Use it as a chance to get an extra facial massage. Ensure to go in an upwards and outwards motion. For those that like to, add a facial roller massage to push in the product even further.

How to make sure you’re applying sunscreen right?

Sunscreen is a protective layer over your skin. Take an appropriate amount, depending upon the skin type, sunscreen type (cream or gel) and size of the face and apply it on your skin slowly.

Role of homeopathy for your skin

Homeopathy is considered as one of the best skin treatments. It treats the underlying factors. The advantage of skin treatment in homeopathy is that it treats without side-effects. The expert homeopathic doctors at Dr Batra’s™ can diagnose skin diseases based on the visible signs and symptoms, your medical history and examination of the skin. Their skin clinics have India’s first 3D imaging device to analyze and evaluate your skin accurately. Based on an advanced optical technology developed by scientists in Dublin, their device captures the skin condition up to 10 mm below the surface of the skin. This helps to know the skin problem at least 12 weeks in advance before it can be seen by the naked eye. This prevents the skin problem and saves on the treatment time.

In many cases, your genes are accountable for skin problems. At their clinics, you can get an experience of the world’s first gene-targeted homeopathic therapy called Geno Homeopathy. It is based on your adapted hereditary tendency. A genetic test is carried out through a simple saliva test. It helps predict the likelihood and the chances of having skin problems. It also helps in treating them from the root.

Over the past 35 years, they have the experience and expertise of treating over 1.41 lakh skin patients successfully. They can ensure safe solutions for your skin ailments. They use exclusive technologies such as a 3D imaging device for dermatological problems. They prescribe homeopathic medicine for skin disease after analyzing and evaluating your skin health. As authenticated by American Quality Assessors (AQA), 94.3% of patients suffering from skin disorders secured positive treatment outcomes.

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