Adapting Your House for an Elderly Relative

With the cost of care on the rise, and people living longer, there are set to be a lot more multi-generational homes in the future. Having an elderly relative live with you can have a lot of good sides and can keep families together, but it may mean you need to make adaptions to your home. Here are some of the most common areas that need to be adapted for elderly people living in a standard house.

Stairs can be a challenge

One of the biggest challenges of having an elderly relative move in with you is getting them around the house, especially up and down the stairs. Not everyone has space for a downstairs guest room, and it might not be a good time to move, so you might want to consider installing new stairlifts Luton. Stairs are one of the most common places that accidents occur in the home among the elderly population, so a stairlift will get them up and down with ease and mean they can be more independent.

Adapting your bathroom

The bathroom adaptions you’ll need will vary depending on the age and physical abilities of your elderly loved one. You may need to look at options such as:

  • Hand rails
  • Shower seats
  • Step-in bathtubs
  • Fall alarms
  • Fixed toilet seats

Bathroom adaptions can help your relative use the bathroom independently for years longer, giving them dignity and meaning they don’t have to ask for assistance whenever they need to use the bathroom.

Living spaces might also need adaptions

It’s not just spaces like kitchens and bathrooms that need adaptions. Living spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms may need work. You may need to widen doorways to accommodate a wheelchair, or make access easier, and you may want to add alarms or other devices in these rooms in case they fall or need assistance. There are lots of products designed for elderly people to help them live their lives easier, such as tilting chairs and bed rails that’ll give you peace of mind.

If you’ve decided to have an older loved one movie in with you, then it’s important to look at ways to adapt your home. This will help them to be more comfortable and help avoid accidents around the home. Putting the right adaptions in place will also help give you peace of mind, knowing that your elderly relative is safe and protected in your property.

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